My name is Milosz. I am a German-born Canadian of Polish heritage, a mathematician, a computer scientist, and a producer of electronic music. This website and the music on it are my work, though I owe the visual design of the site to my friend Khoma, a visual artist from the Netherlands.

To name any of my musical influences would only be unfair to all the artists I would certainly fail to credit. I like to try my hand at current trends in electronica, and over the years I have produced trance, house, drum and bass, hip hop, trip hop, ambient, electro… you get the idea. I have been known to experiment with new sounds too.

I can only hope that in my music you will find something to escape to, something to get lost in, something to move your whole body to, or maybe just something to tap your foot to. If I can help you feel what other musical artists have helped me feel over the years, then I have achieved my goal.